The Left show their true colours this week…

We – the conservatives, and indeed the right in general – are often described as the “nasty” guys in politics. That is far too simplistic a generalization…

Some of the collective “left wing”, in its usual egotistical arrogance, indiscriminately demonize entire groups of people for having alternate political viewpoints without remorse. And they are all too often overtly aggressive in doing so.

Often in debates, on our campus only a few weeks ago for example, the left are the ones to heckle, shout, abuse, laugh and insult those they disagree with. Conversely, we as the right, are usually quite timid and passive in listening to others views regardless of if we agree with them or not.

This week part of the left showed its true colours; Firstly the NUS Vice-President for Union Development, Vicki Baars, advocated chants calling for Tories and LibDems to be burnt on bonfires at last weeks flop of a demo. Today, Labour run Rotherham council snatch foster kids from perfectly good parents simply because of their membership of UKIP. Bigotry. Other examples are easy to find – some call for a party to celebrate the death of Maggie Thatcher. Having watched “ToryBoyTheMovie” last week it was also disturbing to hear of an account of labour activists burning an effigy of the local Tory leaders recently deceased husband in front of her during election time! That is heartless cruelty and nothing short of it. One only has to think back a year or so to the scenes outside Millbank to remember the sheer thuggery of part of the left.

We must agree to disagree with them, but when necessary expose some on the fringes as the bigots they truly are.

[disclaimer – obviously this only applies to some on the left, just as it equally does to some on the right. My point is left does not equal “nice” whilst right equals “nasty”. That is far too simplistic a generalization, but one people far too often take for granted]

6 thoughts on “The Left show their true colours this week…

  1. hear hear!
    Some lefties are so crudely militant in their views they refuse to debate. Don’t even get me started on the “no platform policy” – such arrogant denial of other political views!

    • Funnily enough I’ve just been contacted by the Sunday Times re our opinion on this (ie, have we been bullied by the left on campus). LOL…

  2. The reason the Tories are called the “nasty” party is not because they behave in a “thuggish” manner or lack cordiality in the way you suggest the left does. It’s their ideology and the policies they enact – many of which have had and continue to have devastating effects on the most vulnerable in society, whilst at the same time, a cabinet of millionaires continues to line their pockets with tax breaks for the rich..

    • What about the tax breaks for the lowest paid workers? The fact that those on 15k a year pay £450 a year less in income tax and NI than they did under Labour?

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