The Committee

2013/14 BUCF Committee (click for contact info)

Charlie WinchPresident – Charlie Winch

Charlie is a third year International Relations student and continues this year as our new President, having previously served as the Media & Publicity officer in 2012/13. Having joined the party in 2010, he defines himself politically as a ‘Bleeding Heart Libertarian’ and classical liberal, with a strong belief in limited government, the free market and above all individual economic, political and social liberty.  Apart from politics, Charlie is a big Saracens rugby fan, and enjoys world travel and adventure, having recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for charity. Favourite Rooster House menu? Clearly a no.1.

Vice President – HARRY CHITTY387016_4681220831985_1388184096_n

A third year History student, Harry first got involved with the Conservative Party in 2010 when he campaigned for Roger Gale’s successful re-election in Thanet North, and then went onto canvass for Conservative candidates during the 2011 local district elections. He is a strong believer in individualism, free market principles and smaller, more effective government. An active member of BUCF, he is delighted to be working on the committee for one of Britain’s most influential and dynamic Conservative Future branches.  Outside of the society, he has an interest in constitutional issues and the American political system.

376146_10151005347660541_1853556054_nTreasurer - JAMES GLASS

James became interested in politics whilst at university and joined the Conservative party in 2012 due to a strong belief in Neoliberalism/Libertarianism and a desire to reduce the increasing inequalities in British society. He is strongly opposed to the European Union and supports limited and local government. As a medical student he has had several years experience in hospital placements, and as a result one of his major goals in politics is to change the NHS to a voucher system. His major influences are Milton Friedman, Nigel Farage and Melanie Phillips.

Secretary - JOE GERRARDjoegerrard

Joe is a 2nd year History student and became involved with the Conservatives after joining the party in 2010. He is the current secretary of the society after being elected in 2013. Politically, Joe describes himself as a Classical Liberal, combining a strong belief in the virtues of capitalism and free markets with a passion for personal liberty, and is convinced that only a substantially limited government can deliver freedom and prosperity for the greatest possible number. His specific areas of political interest include civil liberties, economic policy and monetary policy in particular, stemming from an interest in Austrian Economics and business cycle theory. Outside of politics, he enjoys studying History and Philosophy, and hopes to pursue a career in Law.

Publicity and Media Officerpublicity and media officer – owen williams

Owen makes a return to the BUCF committee for a fourth year in 2013, returning to his original role managing BUCF publicity and online services after a term as Vice President. After a four year course in Economics with a year abroad in Germany, he is staying in Birmingham to pursue a Masters’ Degree in Computer Science. Having stood as the candidate for Selly Oak in the 2011 City Council elections, he believes strongly in local government, and, more broadly, describes himself as a ‘neolibertarian’, combining a passionate belief in small government, civil liberties and free markets with a broadly interventionist foreign policy, and strong views on all things military.

Campaigning Officer - TOM PIKE

1170668_10151745390458190_347948736_nA member of the party since 2011, Tom was heavily influenced by the views of his MP, Steve Baker, whose association he is active in. Consequently, Tom believes strongly in classical liberal values; of the virtues of the free-market, personal freedom and the night-watchman state. He reads Economics and Political Science, and is a member of the Freedom Association, leaning towards the Austrian School. Tom also serves as the Member of Youth Parliament for his hometown of High Wycombe, and writes regularly for the BUCF, DASHTory and Conservative Companion blogs. An ex-cadet, Tom has strong military values, and takes a keen interest in defence and foreign policy issues. He currently intends to train for a Territorial Army commission upon the completion of university. In his spare time, he enjoys fiction writing, formal debating, and studying rhetoric, oratory and body language.


Alex is this year’s social secretary, a new position for 2013/14. She is a second year International Relations student from Darlington.Her involvement with the Conservatives began in 2010 when she joined the party. She has attended YBF events which has inspired her to continue her involvement in the party. Her specific areas of interest are foreign policy and she hopes to pursue a career in the Foreign Office.